Dr Didier Lebrun
I consult every day in    1180  Uccle :
105 avenue KAMERDELLE

The online calendar can be used to make an appointement,  at your best convenience, with a PC; bad fonction with smartphone, iPhone, iPad.

Call 02 375 56 60 for a "urgent" consultation on the day  (today),  and for information.

I also consult  mondays  and  fridays from  11:00  to  14:00
at the centre médical LAMBERMONT,  
1 rue des  pensées  à 
1030  Schaerbeek.
To make an appointement in this place : call 02 434 24 11, no possibility through Internet.

I try to follow my schedule as closely as possible in order to examine your child in the best conditions.

If you arrive late, your consultation time can be shortened this way, the families who follow you won’t be delayed.

If you have any questions, I invite you to write it down in your health notebook so we can discuss it at our next appointment.

For urgent phone advices, call me between 8h and 9h or between 14h and 19h, take a paper and pencil to note my answers, which are usually concise

kamerdelle 105
1180 Uccle
02 375 56 60
Lambermont polyclinique
rue des pensées, 1
1030 schaerbeek
02 434 24 11