Mme Ingrid Hantson
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ALLEGEONS VOTRE VIE ! (let's make your life lighter !)

Welcome to the online agenda of Ingrid Hantson, registered dietitian and Professional Home Organizer.

I know how busy life is and that your time is valuable.  
In order to make your life even lighter, I've made it easy for you to schedule an appointment with me : just do it online ! 

This online scheduling platform enables you to choose your appointment. It also sends you a reminder, so you don't miss any appointments ! 

Of course, you can always schedule by phone. Call 0497 54 20 15 or send me an email at 

If you'd like to change an appointment without extra charge, please let me know as soon as possible, and at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 
This agenda enables you to schedule these kinds of appointments with me : diet consults at my practice and phone consults. For house calls and Home Organizing appointments, please contact me directly. 

Being a Professional Organising as well as a Dietitian, I aim to constantly optimize my worktime. 

Therefore, this agenda offers you specific consultation spots. If you don't find any proposal that suits you, please contact me at  0497 54 20 15 or 

Practice in Braine-le-Château 

16 rue de la Fontaine Maqué 
1440 Braine-le-Château 
0497 54 20 15 

Cabinet diététique
rue de la Fontaine Maqué, 16
1440 Braine-Le-Château